Mobile Apps have dominated the IT industry recently. At Inexsoft, we appreciate your creative ideas because we love creativity and innovations.We are happy to assist you through out your app’s journey. It is important to consider cross platform solutions rather than focusing on a single platform. Cross platform Apps are better because they are reachable to a larger crowd. Furthermore, it provide more monetization opportunities.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Development process

We perform a thorough research on the Apps market to find similar product. It helps to identify strengths and weaknesses of current Mobile Apps. Furthermore,  it helps us to differentiate new ideas from existing apps.

Then we discuss and finalize all the functionalities and Design concepts related to the Mobile Apps. Our creative Graphic Designer are there to assist you with your design needs. Analysts and Programmers are there to assist you with Apps functionalities. We pay special attention to follow the design guidelines set for each platform to provide best the user experience.

After finalizing the development platforms, we start to design the interfaces and underline functionalities.

After the development phase, our team will test the applications rigorously to find bugs and security issues.

Apps are published on the relevant App Stores when they pass the testing phase.

Finally, marketing campaigns are created to promote the applications which will generate revenue streams for the clients.

Inexsoft provides Native, Cross platform, Hybrid and Web technology based Mobile Solutions. Whole design and development process is transparent, so clients are able to know the progress of their Mobile Applications. Our main focus is on  iPhone, iPad and Android, Android Tablets application development. In addition to mobile application development, we develop cross platform mobile games. We use LibGDX platform to provide cross platform mobile games.

Don’t let your ideas go in vain. Contact Us, we will make it a reality.