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There's a whole new range of printing at INEXSOFT.

Effectively getting the word out about your business can ultimately mean the difference. Standard business cards and custom business cards with round corner edges and the SCODIX feature gives your business card a new transformation.

SCODIX – Scodix is a print finish that adds a luxury look and feel to ordinary print runs by producing a raised ink experience. It is a digital enhancement process.


For 1000 Business Cards
  • Printed on high quality 350GSM
  • 8 options to select from (refer to print products)
  • 24-48 Hrs Dispatch
  • Print 2S $100
  • Print 2S+ 2S Gloss laminate $123
  • Print 2S+2S Matte Laminate $123
  • Print 2S+New Velvet Laminate 2S +1S Scodix $230
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90x55mm 350gsm Branding Cards (portrait & landscape)

Under 350 gsm quality we have 8 standard products having the options of printing one or both sides. You can provide your own designs as well without Inexsoft’s graphic design service. If you are providing your own designs all the design must qualify for the design criteria mentioned below in print support. 24-48 hours dispatch if provide the designs before 11 am.


  • 350 Plain

  • 350 Gloss Lam 1 Side

  • 350 Matt Lam 1 Side

  • 350 Matt Lam 2 Sides

  • 350 EcoStar – 100% Recycled

  • 350 Coated Board – Plain

  • 350 Coated Board – Gloss Lam 1 Side

  • 350 Coated Board – Matt Lam 1 Side


90×55 450+ NV Branding Cards (portrait & landscape)

All scodix designs are printed in 450 gsm paper. Available to print single or double sides. All printing options are listed in quotation form. 24-72 hours dispatch if you provide your own designs before 11 am.


  • DL 115 /150/170 GSM Gloss
  • DL 170 GSM Matt
  • A6 115 /150/170 GSM Gloss
  • A6 170 GSM Matt
  • A5 115 /150/170 GSM Gloss
  • A5 170 GSM Matt
  • A5 250 GSM Gloss
  • A4 115 /150/170 GSM Gloss
  • A4 115 /150/170 GSM Matt
  • A4 170 GSM Matt
  • A4 250 GSM Gloss
  • A3 115 /150 GSM Gloss
  • A3 115/150/170 gsm Gloss
  • A3 170 gsm Matt
  • A3 250 gsm Gloss
  • A3 350 gsm Artboard
  • A2 115/150/170 gsm Gloss
  • A2 170gsm Matt
  • A2 250gsm Gloss
  • A2 350gsm Artboard
  • A1 115/150/170 gsm Gloss
  • A1 170 gsm Matt
  • A1 250 gsm Gloss
  • A1 350 gsm Artboard

We print outdoor sign boards and outdoor vinyl as well. Please contact us for quotation for signage printing at info@inexsoft.com.au

Print Support for your own designs.

Design guidelines and final formats we use for printing. If you are providing your own designs for printing please make sure the designs follow guidelines mentioned in print support. If any questions please contact our customer support.

INEXSOFT accepts only PDF finished art with the following specifications:

  • Photos and Illustration resolution should be 300dpi
  • All colours converted to CMYK (no PMS colours, RGB, LAB etc)
  • Fonts should be embedded or outlined
  • Crop & bleed marks included
  • Minimum 2mm bleed (5mm for booklets)

Please understand that you will be responsible for checking that design guidelines if your providing your own designs.

General Design Tips

Text and non-bleed images should always be kept at least 3mm from the trim line.

Folding & Scoring

To minimise cracking on folded jobs, we recommend scoring the fold lines.

Rich Blacks

We strongly recommend you use CMYK Rich Black on large areas of black to ensure a nice solid result.

A good mixture for CMYK Rich Black on;

  • Heavier stock weights use 60 / 40 / 40 / 100.
  • Lighter stock weights use 30 / 0 / 0 / 100.

Crop and bleed marks

Crop marks always should be visible on the final output. Check the template below.



Business Card Artwork Setup

Setup Please ensure you supply your artwork to us with front and back combined into a single PDF file.

2 Sided Business Cards
  • Page 1 will print as Front
  • Page 2 will print as Back

NOTE – Gloss and Matt Lamination on 1 side will always be treated to Page 1 of your document.

Multiple Card Orders

eg. Different Names
All card variations require separate a PDF for each kind. (not all in one PDF).

Spot UV Business Cards

When ordering Spot UV, we require a 3 Page PDF.

  • Page 1 will be the Business Card side which requires the Spot UV to be applied.
  • Page 2 will be the Reverse side of the Business Card.
  • Page 3 should be Spot UV to be applied to Page 1 ONLY ( using a spot colour marked Spot UV ).

SCODIX – Design for the Best Results

SCODIX looks best when you follow some basic design fundamentals where often LESS can be MORE when adding SCODIX to your design.

There are a few rules to follow to achieve the best result when applying SCODIX.

SCODIX – Trim Areas

SCODIX High Build cannot bleed outside of trim area. (Please leave 3mm from the edge of the SCODIX application to the product trim area)

SCODIX – Score Lines

SCODIX High Build cannot be applied over the score/fold areas of a Presentation Folder. (Please leave 3mm from the SCODIX application to the product score/fold area)

SCODIX – Business Cards

SCODIX Business Card options are only available at 90 x 55mm trim size.

Supplying Final Artwork

When supplying final artwork, SCODIX artwork should be supplied as an extra page set as 100% Spot Colour named ‘Scodix’.

Things to Avoid

For the best effects, avoid applying SCODIX to thin lines, small text or finely detailed artwork.

How to Setup Your Files


  • Open your artwork in Indesign
  • Create a new layer for the SCODIX separation
  • Select the elements you wish to enhance and duplicate them to the new SCODIX layer
  • Create a new colour swatch and name it ‘Scodix’
  • Select colour type “Spot Colour”, and convert all SCODIX elements to this spot colour
  • SCODIX elements are all set to 100% Opacity

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